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Welcome to Text and Mobile Marketing. We are the leading mobile marketing company that provides all the tools and applications you need for effective and profitable mobile marketing activities. Before you do business with us, take a few minutes to discover more about mobile marketing and how it can boost the sales and profits of your business.


What is Mobile Marketing?


Mobile marketing is the practice of using a mobile device or network to provide your customers or prospects with personalized, time and location sensitive information that promotes your products, services and ideas, in order to generate value for you and your clients.


Recent population estimates show that over 7 billion people live on the planet. And according to an IDC report, 1 out of 7 people living on earth owns a smart phone. Other surveys have revealed that at least 3 billion people on earth own some kind of mobile phone. Therefore, the “mobile future” that has been spoken about is now here. But how can your business reach out effectively to this ever increasing population of smart phone users? Studies have shown that the most effective type of mobile marketing tools are mobile sites, text message marketing (or SMS marketing), mobile apps and mobile friendly email.


1. Mobile Websites


Mobile-friendly websites are specifically designed to display properly on all mobile devices. They load quickly and are easy to navigate on low-end data-enabled phones, smart phones, Blackberry, Ipad, and tablets. They are meant to provide mobile users with the type of information they will require while they are on the move.


Currently, at least 1 out of 6 people in most developed economies go online using their smart phones. And 65% of them do so with the intention of buying a product or service. Hence, you can expect a higher return on your marketing investment when you effectively target your mobile audience.


All mobile phone users, who go online, expect your website to function efficiently on their smart phone. They want to find specific information about your products quickly without wasting time browsing a lot of irrelevant information. Good mobile sites also have user-friendly navigation that minimizes the need for clicking because many smart phones have small screens without a mouse.


One major concern of most people who have not yet developed a mobile site for their business is: “how can I get my business website to display properly on all major mobile devices? The key is to use a responsive design that can adapt to the kind of browser or mobile device that your customers are using to view your website.


Therefore, our mobile website design team uses the most efficient tools to create an adaptive website that can display properly on any data enabled phone. And you can confirm this by viewing all the mobile websites we have developed on different types of mobile phones and tablets. Hence, you can be sure that all your customers will be able to navigate your site with ease. And this will motivate them to make a quicker buying decision.


2. Text Message Marketing


Text message marketing (also known as SMS marketing) is one of the most popular forms of mobile marketing. In the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia over 50 percent of the entire population can send and receive text messages. Although text messages are commonly used for marketing, they need to be properly formatted and sent in a timely manner to produce the desired effect.


At Text and Mobile Marketing, we have a reliable text messaging platform that can be used for mobile couponing, text reminders, text alerts, text-to-screen marketing, contests, polls, and providing up-to-date product and service information.


3. Mobile Apps


Developing a mobile app for your business will help you reach far more customers than a traditional website. Due to the popularity of mobile search and the use of social media channels, your app can become very popular within a few weeks. You can use your mobile apps to showcase your products and services and increase the reach of your business every day.


Your app will provide useful information to your audience while you advertise new products and present users with very interesting offers and discounts. In addition, mobile apps offer you a unique opportunity to promote your brand and develop long term credibility that will continue to bring an increase in sales and profits.


4. Mobile Friendly Email


Every day millions of people use their phones to send and receive email. That is why virtually all marketing emails should be written and formatted for easy viewing on mobile devices. They should be short and easy to read with very few clicks. The number of embedded links and images should also be minimal. Instead, click to call phone numbers should be included inside the message, where possible.


We provide excellent list building services that can help you to build a large and responsive database of contacts (with phone numbers and email addresses). You will be able to use this list to market your products continuously and convert your prospects to buyers.


Advantages of Effective Mobile Marketing


As you engage your customers through their mobile devices, it is important to focus on the advantages that mobile marketing has over traditional online marketing. When you focus on these advantages, you will be able to provide the greatest value for your customers.


A. Instant Impact and Response: Since 90 percent of adults in most developed nations carry their mobile phones with them, most of the mass mobile marketing messages you send through our platform will be received instantly. Delivery reports can also be tracked. In fact, since most of the messages we help you to create and send are interactive, user response can be tracked instantly. This helps you to quickly study and analyze user feedback.


B. Direct Marketing: Through the mobile platform, you can have direct personalized interaction with users on their mobile phones. Hence, you can start an instant direct dialogue with your customer and receive instant feedback through SMS.


C. Improved Time Relevance: The fact that mobile devices are always on, always aware and always present with the owners, makes mobile marketing the timeliest means of communication available in the world today. The average response time for text messages is far less than that of email and this helps to improve the quality of mobile marketing conversations.


D. Easier Mass Communication: Since far more people own mobile devices than laptops or desktops, mobile marketing helps you to reach a broader and more diverse audience, especially in the remote parts of the world. Thus, this kind of marketing gives business owners the benefit of sending location specific messages to users, with GPS technology.


How to Enjoy the Benefits of Mobile Marketing


In order to enjoy all the benefits of effective mobile marketing, contact us now using the contact form on our website or give us a phone call. You can also request for a free quote for any of our services. Our staff members are waiting to take your call and provide all the information you need.



What is mobile marketing?

what is mobile marketing Mobile marketing is a marketing strategy that uses the power of mobile phone devices to communicate with the consuming public. And text message marketing or SMS marketing is an example of this. [/homepage_box]


What are mobile sites?

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What are the advantages of mobile marketing?

What are the advantages of mobile marketingNowadays, everybody owns a cell phone. Using these mobile devices has become part of our daily.. [/homepage_box]

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Mobile  Sites, Mobile Marketing Engagement

With mobile sites and mobile marketing, companies can foster a healthy relationship with the consumers, stimulate social interaction and generate activity. Companies can communicate and interact with the consuming public anytime, anywhere.

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