About Us



Text And Mobile Marketing is a privately owned marketing company that builds campaigns to let you communicate in a crowded marketplace.

By harnessing the most powerful, propriety tools in the digital space today they continuously keep your customers coming back in the most cost efficient way.


The rapid adoption of mobile devices has undoubtedly changed the way we engage brands, make purchases and ultimately lead our lives.


To gain perspective on this businesses need to understand how this shift in consumer behaviour truly has redefine their marketing campaigns to include mobile strategies.

Text And Mobile Marketing is here to help support you, as you bridge the gap between the mobile technology available and the people who use it – keeping you connected 24hrs a day.

We create customized text message campaigns that make your marketing budget work harder through optimization and key-wording – ensuring you receive maximum coverage at minimum cost.

Mobile websites and applications traffic are about to surpass that of the desktop –  we know this so we’ve came up with the perfect mobile and app mediums to engage your customers.

And with our custom QR codes we craft your customer actions from a ‘quick glance to a deep dive’.

We don’t just assist clients to develop and execute their mobile marketing strategy. When we build marketing campaigns we build reputations.



Similarly we’re not just in the business of connecting you with your consumer. Through collaboration, we tailor our services around you & your budget.

We strive to understand who you are and what your goals are. We then incorporate those principles into how we help to get your message to your marketplace.


When Text And Mobile Marketing was founded in (Little Rock,AR) in (2010) we did have the sole ideal of connecting consumers with businesses via the rapidly increasing mobile landscape.

Now we have the tools and technology to harness clients, technology and consumer trends to continuously deliver creativity, innovation and your message to the masses.

If you’d like to find out more about how Text And Mobile Marketing can help you why not talk to us. Call us on (501-613-7679) or contact us here.

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