Custom QR-Code Design | Logo QR-Code Design

Custom QR-Code Design: A Fun and Effective Way of Connecting to Your Customers

A Custom QR-Code design can spell the difference between someone scanning your code or not. Customizing your 2D barcodes can make them more appealing to your target customers. And once the custom QR-Code design grabs someone’s attention, he is more likely to grab his smartphone and scan it. 

A QR-Code or Quick Response Code serves as a digital bridge for your website or business. It can reach out to your customers even if they are offline. It can bridge the gap between the consumers’ activity online and offline. So, you need to make sure that your QR-Codes are engaging enough to attract the attention of your target customers. So you can make sure that they are still connected to your website or business even if they are offline.

QR-Codes can also contain real-time information, like in the case of a real state QR-Code, where a prospective home buyer can easily and conveniently access contact details and other relevant information about the property for sale. And customizing a real state QR-Code to make it more visible and attractive is similar to making a real state sign board catchy.

One example of a custom QR-Code design is a logo QR-Code design. This type of bar-code contains your company or website logo. Incorporating your logo into the QR-Code can increase brand awareness for your website or business.



And a logo QR-Code design can also distinguish your 2D code from the rest of the black and white barcodes that are popping up everywhere. This will make it easy for your customers to spot your QR-Codes. And this will make it easy for your company to spread brand awareness and stay connected to your customers.

Benefits of a Custom QR-Code Design

1. Stands out among the sea of black and white QR-Codes

With your logo QR-Code design, anyone can easily identify and see it. And once spotted, it will be irresistible for anybody not to scan it. 

2.  Adds a human touch to the otherwise cold and digital appearance

Digital creations are sometimes deemed cold and unappealing. But once you customize them to make them more creative and fun, the digital coldness will be stripped away.

3. Provides real-time information

You can embed real-time information like contact details and price quotes in the barcode.  Like in the case of a real state QR-Code, relevant information can be accessed by passersby who are interested on the property that is for sale.

4. Makes sales offers fun and exciting

Aside from integrating your logo into the barcode, you can also design the QR-code in the shape of your product. Or you can put the discount percentage your customers can avail if they scan the 2D code.

5. Makes the barcodes more interesting and appealing

A boring black and white 2D barcode can easily fade into the background. And it will fail in attracting attention. But the unique look of a custom QR-Code design can make anyone curious about it, and it can attract curiosity and attention in itself.

Geo-marketing: Geo Local Tracking

If you want to make the best out of customized 2D barcodes, you need to incorporate Geo-marketing. Geo-marketing uses geographical intelligence into various aspects of marketing. One example of this is Geo Local Tracking.

If you use Geo Local Tracking with your custom QR-Codes, you will be able to know how frequent the barcodes are scanned and how many people are scanning them, and you can also pinpoint the exact location of the people who are scanning them. This type of geographical intelligence is good for your local business. You will be able to discern the effectiveness of your custom QR-Code design marketing strategy, and you can improve it by using the data collected by Geo Local Tracking.


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