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It was only during the year 1997, that is only fifteen years from today that the term ‘mobile commerce’ was first coined and was intended to mean direct delivery of e-commerce capabilities to the consumer using wireless data transfer technology. But with the recent developments that has been made in this particular field it can be safely esteemed that mobile coupons,sms coupons, and mobile loyalty cards are going to be the cornerstone of e-commerce and online business as the number of internationally acclaimed brands taking advantage of the opportunities provided mobile vouchers are on a steady rise.

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According to a recently conducted study around 29% mobile handset users now shop with their mobile Smartphones and also account for almost 40% of total online transactions. By the year 2015 purchases worth more than $67 billion is predicted to be made from mobile devices in the Europe and the United States only and experts consider mobile or sms coupons to play a very important role in this particular development.

During the early phases of using such coupons and mobile loyalty cards as online promotional mediums a Point of Sale (POS) terminal and a cash register were used for counting the coupons but as the job of redemption tracking was found quite challenging and disruptive at the same time they failed to gain in popularity and were used by only a handful. There were a few other drawbacks too. As a part of the campaign mechanism little ‘closed loop processing’ was required by the mobile coupons but it was important that vouchers, especially those carrying high values were required to be prevented from multiple usage and the electronic method that was available for scanning those vouchers and coupons were not much reliable too.

But with the introduction of the Smartphones or other sophisticated handheld mobile devices like the pads and the tabs mobile commerce has shifted to actual applications coupons, vouchers and mobile loyalty cards. With the recent developments and improvements modern mobile equipment have a lot more resources available to them that have certainly made them to be used by more and more by users for making purchases and are also efficiently used by the physical retailers to compete with their online counterparts regarding the lowest price of the products.

How It Helps Your Business?

As more and more sophisticated mobile coupons platforms for scanning and redemption tracking of those vouchers and coupons are being introduced industry focus is now on these coupons and vouchers and with their strong retail characteristic they have started to fit in most contemporary product promotional strategies. There are also a number of platforms that that integrate these loyalty cards and sms coupons with high end and sophisticated Customer Relationship Management systems and use them efficiently to monitor the behavior of their customers and also as preemptive and effective purchasing equipment.

But there is a very common misconception among the professionals as well as the service providing agencies and that is they often consider mobile as a channel instead of a conduit or a career. In no possible sense modern Smartphones can be considered as channels but with their multilevel functionality they are actually carriers of channels such as the web or email and acts more as a terminal for mobile and sms coupons, web applications, push messages along with social media applications. Mobile messaging and mobile web are two distinctly different channels and very naturally require different marketing and product or service promotion strategies.

In recent times the rate of redemption for mobile coupons is almost 10 times higher compared to the traditional paper coupons and is naturally considered as the most popular direct promotional channels. This particular type of promotional efforts also shows extremely high redemption rates on secondary offers and are also capable of sending follow up messages to consumers and thus effectively re-engage willing consumers for further benefits. This might require a little explanation for handheld mobile devices are speculated to have the power of producing a much greater impulse with its sophisticated mechanism and also combine with a superior level of attention on the part of the consumers.

Based upon a number of recently conducted research projects geolocator applications for Smartphones along with mobile loyalty cards are found to almost double online sales through handheld devices and this is certainly of great encouragements for the retailers. So as a modern consumer one can now really get ready to reap the benefits and move to online mobile websites for making almost every kind of purchases. Business organizations are now opting for more aggressive promotions via mobile devices and as the number of third party coupon providers is also on a steady rise, customers can really expect a very good time ahead of them. A whole new generation of Point of Sale terminals and payment gateways offering unified services is online and making the whole system a lot more comprehensive and reliable both for the retailers and the customers.


Mobile Coupons are a great way to :

  • Have immediate impact on your business
  • Eliminate printing and mailing costs
  • Track redemption rates
  • Minimize investment in your POS (Point of Sale) set-up

With our mobile coupons you can create a promotional campaign, broadcast it directly to your prospects mobile phone generating  immediate increase in your customer traffic – all on the same day!

Unlike traditional retail coupons  you don’t have to worry about planning, scheduling, printing/reprinting, and mailing costs with mobile coupons.  With printed coupons , customers quite often forget to bring in their printed coupon, not so with a mobile coupon. Text and Mobile Marketing pools the power of electronic coupons and the convenience of mobile phones with its Mobile Coupon features.

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Mobile Coupons


Mobile Coupons


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