Mobile Search Marketing

Mobile Search Marketing

Why does Mobile Search Matter?

Mobile Search is tremendously growing part of the larger search market. Last year, according to ComScore, more than 20 million people searched from a mobile device in the USA alone. That’s an increase of 68% from the year previous. This is a fraction of all cell phones in the United States, and as wireless internet speeds and smart handset penetration increase, so will the number of users using search from a Mobile device.

How is Mobile Search Different?

Mobile Searchers are in a different search cycle then regular searches – they’re looking for something in the here and now. The majority aren’t searching for Credit Cards or news on your latest widget – they need to know where there’s a pizza place nearby, where the nearest bank is, and other useful information. Because of it’s medium, much of Mobile Search is centered around local search.


We Search Because We Want To Take Action

Marketers are finding that mobile search is a new and excellent way to access consumers. Before, an ad might pop up in a search results page when the user is absentmindedly searching to procrastinate while at work. Now, these businesses can access users when they’re out and about — even in the neighborhood — and get them when they’re ready to spend, thus increasing the ad’s conversion rates.

Chu says 50% of mobile queries have local intent, and 46% of mobile queries pertain to infotainment. This means that consumers are searching when they’re on the go, when they’re looking to find news and movie theaters. In short, they’re ready to take action or make a purchase — they’re using the web to figure out what to do and where to go next.

Google shared this data on the type of searches conducted on mobile devices:

  • 15% of searches are related to “Consumer Electronics”
  • More than 29% of searches are related to “Restaurants”
  • More than 16% of searches are related “Auto”


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