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Mobile Marketing is the new rage in the advertising world. It is now the preferred choice of many companies to launch their marketing campaigns.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is a marketing strategy that uses the power of mobile phone devices to communicate with the consuming public. And text-message-marketing or SMS marketing is an example of this.

One example of how mobile marketing works is by sending text or SMS messages to the consumers to spread awareness of a particular product or service. In this regard, it makes the cell phone an advertising platform, an effective platform to launch marketing campaigns.

And with the introduction of mobile-websites, mobile marketing has become more dynamic and effective.

What are mobile websites?

Mobile Websites are the mini versions of desktop websites. The difference between the two lies in the platform they use. Normal desktop websites can be properly accessed on a desktop computer or laptop. On the other hand, mobile sites use the special and unique characteristics of cell phones to provide the best possible online experience to mobile phone users. They are like the on-the-go versions of desktop websites. So every cell phone user can conveniently and easily access the sites while they are on the go.

So, mobile sites and mobile marketing go hand in hand in giving companies the ability to communicate with their customers in real time.

And through this combination, mobile engagement is created. The consumers are given the freedom to interact with the companies instead of being passive receivers of information. They can opt out from SMS marketing if they feel it’s getting too much. They can buy mobile apps on mobile sites that suit their needs and wants.

With this kind of interaction and communication, it is now easier for companies to foster a working relationship with the consuming public.

What are the advantages of mobile marketing?

 Nowadays, everybody owns a cell phone. Using these mobile devices has become part of our daily lives. They have become an extension of our bodies.

And these are the reasons why text message marketing is very effective as a marketing and advertising tool.

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Here are some advantages of mobile marketing:

1. Mobile engagement

With mobile sites and mobile marketing, companies can foster a healthy relationship with the consumers, stimulate social interaction and generate activity. Companies can communicate and interact with the consuming public anytime, anywhere.  

2. Wide coverage

Since most people nowadays have cell phones, SMS marketing will give the companies the ability to reach out to a lot of customers. They can reach out to the consumers wherever they are. Text message marketing can touch people wherever, whenever.

3. Real time connection

Cell phones are now a big part of our modern lives. We use them constantly, anywhere, anytime. And that’s why SMS marketing is very effective, because people are more likely to open and read and later respond to the marketing communication.

4. Cost-effective

Mobile marketing strategies like text message marketing is relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of marketing. And you don’t need to install any software or purchase any hardware to implement it. Companies can either build their own mobile sites or hire a third party to create and manage their mobile marketing.


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