Restaurant Mobile Marketing


In the simplest terms mobile marketing can be defined as a kind of marketing strategy that utilizes handheld mobile devices and other associated technologies to establish a two way interaction between the consumers or potential customers and the business houses. Human civilization is now passing through a phase when mobile connectivity can no longer be considered as a luxury but has become a necessity and naturally promoting a business on the mobile platform has become an integral part of modern and contemporary business promotional strategies. According to many people restaurants mobile marketing and daily deals can prove to be the most effective marketing methods for modern restaurants and bars and are adopted by more and more consumers in achieving the desired results.

But one is also required to understand the fact that mobile marketing and mobile advertising are never two synonymous terms and the second can really prove to be extremely costly for a small business establishment. According to a recent study conducted by Yahoo more and more consumers from the younger generation are using their handheld mobile devices for collecting information about restaurants and hotels and as they mostly search for the available data online it is certainly a great news for the restaurants and bars and now with the latest restaurants mobile marketing tools they can efficiently promote their services to a wider and most comprehensive range of customers.

There is another reason behind the ever increasing popularity of restaurants mobile marketing tools and that is they are the most inexpensive online business promotion methods and can be most suitable for both small and large business establishments. While promoting a bar or a restaurant through mobile marketing tools one must make sure that his bar or restaurant is enlisted in local search engines and directories along with bar and restaurant review and rating sites and only after that he can proceed to develop a website that is mobile friendly and can be accessed by the potential customers for important and relevant information.


Any restaurants mobile marketing site that takes more than five seconds to load on any Smartphone or other handheld devices can make the users to give up for mobile internet users are found to be more impatient than their laptop and desktop counterparts and any site that is quite heavy and takes a long time to load can hardly provide the desired results. A good and effective restaurant site for mobile devices is expected to contain all information about the restaurant hours along with the menu items and the available deals. There must also be the required contact details to allow the customers to place their orders online along with a click to call button that will allow the customers to directly interact with the bar and the restaurants right from inside the browsing environment. Many modern bar and restaurant owners also additionally optimize their mobile websites for a higher ranking in the search engine result pages and with a first page ranking any restaurant can really expect for more potential customers.

Proper follow up of visitors and customers is always a very important and integral part of restaurants mobile marketing for once new customers are attracted to this particular type of marketing they can be encouraged for coming back again and again by letting them stay informed about the new menu items and other newly introduced promotional offers through text messaging services. One can always collect the cell phone number of the customers and send them promotional SMS but this can be done only after making sure that they accept to receive those promotional messages. Unwanted promotional messages can really harm the reputation of a particular bar or restaurant and the concerned authority must be careful about the fact so that there is no unwanted negative impact upon the brand value of the establishment.


There are certainly a number of benefits that one can find in restaurants mobile marketing but the most important of them all is that it is really a great and effective way of attracting more customers and also to increase the overall sales for any bar or restaurant. Promoting a restaurant through text messages sent to handheld mobile devices is found to be a lot more effective than email marketing for more than 90% text messages access by the users within five minutes of receiving them and naturally there is more assurance that the promotional message that is sent is not lost in the air.

Additionally, as mobile marketing can efficiently create a two way interaction platform involving both the consumers and the retailers they always result in a win-win situation for it is not only the bars and restaurants that benefit from such marketing but the consumers can also avail the quality services against affordable prices and ultimately the whole industry is going to be benefit from it

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