SMS Marketing|Text Message Marketing

SMS Marketing|Text Message Marketing

Talk to Your Customers at the Speed of TEXT


Major brands are turning to Text-Message-Marketing. . .and now you can too!  Everyone has a smartphone these days.  In fact, over 92% of the population communicates, at least part of the time, via cell.  So, doesn’t it make good business sense to capitalize on that?  

Targeted SMS Marketing|Text-Messages at a Moment’s Notice

With traditional advertising, you have to create an ad, chose your media, and wait for the print date.  Not with Text-Message-Marketing!  If you are having a slow day, change it in an instant with the speed and ease of a text-message.  Think about it. . . a compelling offer from you delivered right to the hands of your prospective customers. Can it get any better than that?



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Text Message Marketing Increases Customer Loyalty and Drives Revenue

Yes, it gets better!  Over 97% of text-messages are read.  That’s huge!  Mobile response rates are good, too.  Depending on the strength of the offer, between 9 and 38% of recipients take advantage of the mobile-coupons and discounts sent via Mobile Marketing.  It’s easy to capture customers in and out of venue to drive customer loyalty. . .and revenue.

Easily Track Effectiveness of Text-Message-Marketing Advertising

Tracking the effectiveness of a text-message-marketing campaign is easy.  Using short-codes and promotions like “Text DISCOUNT to 71441 now and receive $2 off your purchase,” you can quantify results better than with any traditional campaign.  Quickly eliminate those offers that don’t pay off and save valuable resources.

Test Drive SMS-Marketing Today

Ready to see how Text-Message-Marketing and SMS-Marketing can work for you?  Complete the form below and take a test drive today.  Anyone can sell you text-messaging, but we help you formulate a winning campaign and provide free campaign management for the first 30 days.

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