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Imagine a customer dining at your restaurant, and suddenly he sees an advertisement flashing “Text MEAL to XXX-XXX-XXXX and get a chance to win a free dinner for two.’


He immediately pulls out his mobile phone and texts in, hoping to win the free meal. You get the customer’s contact information where you can now send different service offerings, special menus, offers, and more, pertaining to your restaurant. Your customer is happy to receive such updates and special offers, and you are satisfied promoting your brand and special offers, and receive feedback extensively. This is what Text to Win is all about!!


Text to Win, popularly known as Sweepstakes, is a key feature within our system that allows businesses to automate their sweepstakes, promotions, prize give-away, and much more in a convenient manner. It is the best platform to create a buzz about your brand or business, promoting product/service offerings, or special offers in an extensive manner.


Text to Win is a powerful marketing tool that enables enterprises to reach out to a larger audience base and attract them towards your product or service offerings via lucrative promo deals, prizes, and sweepstakes. Believe it or not, this is one of the most widely used marketing medium for businesses today, helping them reach out to a vast customer base and generate extensive feedback. Once the enterprises receive customer contact information, it can be utilized further to send product or service offerings, updates, and special promotions in an efficient manner.


What We Offer?


We develop and host compelling and interactive Text to Win campaigns to incentivize your business promotions. With years of professional expertise and keen knowledge in Text to Win development and hosting, we efficiently create, implement, and manage intuitive and highly effective Text to Win campaigns that extensively promote your brand or business, generating conversions and building awareness. We help enterprises to customize and manage their promotional campaigns and sweepstakes in an efficient manner. Winners of the Text to Win campaign can be manually selected or the process can be automated by integrating the Text to Win system to the process. We offer multiple selection methods for the winners, which include:


  • Random winner
  • Multiple or individual winner
  • First incoming text message in the contest
  • Every nth winner


The Text to Win mobile campaigns designed and developed by us has proven to be exceptionally effective by seamlessly engaging participants with lucrative instant win opportunities. Additionally, you can also incorporate a mobile coupon with each message, and increase the return on investment with each participant. We have successfully designed and developed lucrative sweepstakes and Text to Win contests for large and mid-sized companies, helping them to earn an extensive customer base and great feedbacks from the audience. We follow a comprehensive approach to Text to Win design and development services, helping enterprises to achieve their core promotion objective. And the database of contact information generated by our system can be used for future reference to send updates about product or service offerings, promotions, and other special offers to the potential customers.


How We Work?


Our Text to Win campaign development services highlights the following benefits:


  • Generate a buzz for the brand or business: We strive to create awareness for your brand or business by setting up a lucrative win campaign. Several large companies are using our campaigns as a powerful tool to generate awareness for their product and service offerings. At the same time, we make it sure to keep the promotional message short and compelling that attracts increased traffic.


  • Easy to use and user friendly: We develop easy to use, interactive Text to Win campaigns, with short and crisp win message to be sent to an associated number. Our Text to Win software will automatically select the winners of the contest and send digital response code directly on their cell phone.


  • Creating a marketing database: As more and more people texts in the win message to have their chance of win, our software will automatically capture their contact information, creating a comprehensive list of potential leads to whom you can reach out. With our bulk SMS/video text messaging feature, enterprises can send unique promotional messages to the list of contact, updating them about product or service offerings, promotions, and sales.


  • One powerful system, unlimited potential: Use our Text to Win feature, and you can instantly reach out to a potential audience base of 100 to 100, 000!! Powered with unfathomed functionalities and key features, our advanced Text to Win campaigns are easily manageable, and saves a lot of your time and money in promotions.


Give a kick start to your promotional campaign with Text to Win. Hire us for professional and dedicated services in Text to Win development; call us today on 501-613-7679 or contact us here for more information. 



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